Knife Crime Discussion Forums

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Community TV Trust has won funding from The Peckham Settlement to run a project on knife crime in early 2019.

CTVT will hold a series of Discussion Forums – starting at Surrey Square Primary School in January to hear young people aged around ten or eleven; moving to Bermondsey’s Bede Youth Adventure Project in early February to hear from 13 year olds, and in late February holding an event for 16 year olds in central Southwark.

The key ingredient is a Panel of twelve professionals who have been invited to attend these Forums to listen to what young people have to say about their world. The Panel will then convene in March to deliberate over what they have heard and consider whether new thinking might emerge with which to address the shocking phenomenon of knife crime in the Capital.

The Panel comprises a Deputy Director of Policy and the Ministry of Justice, a QC who sits as a Judge, a dynamic Police Superintendent who is making a big impression in Southwark, a trauma surgeon, a youth paster, two youth works, an academic, a Stop & Search consultant, two headteachers, and a local activity from Southwark Citizens. The Panel will be chaired by Chris Haydon, Director of Community TV Trust.