Following an excellent trial with Goose Green Primary School, two secondary schools, a primary schools and Southwark’s SILS 3, the Peckham pupil referral unit, all committed to this Community TV Trust initiative which has been running throughout the autumn. The full London Young Voices project began in mid-September and will go through to early December 2009 with all work produced being exhibited in the new Peckham Space from April 2010. The project workshops were held over a ten week period, with video tutors working alongside staff both in curriculum and after school. At Peckham Academy local artist Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre will work with tutor Alison McCloskey and a teacher, exploring the theme of neighbour and neighbourhood.

Both Peckham Academy and St Michael And All Angels schools were visited last week by Mutah Beale aka Napoleon during his week long visit to Southwark. Various video reports are to be uploaded onto YouTube shortly.


CTVT has completed post production on a wonderful primary school project

CTVT has completed post production on a wonderful primary school project creating a one-act opera celebrating the centenary of the state pension. Southwark had a key role in bringing that about. Ten years campaigning by Revd. Herbert Stead of Walworth led to Parliament enacting a Bill which gave old people ‘5 bob a week’ (now 25p !).

But it was a start. CTVT was commissioned to film the performance of PENSIONS FOR ALL ! at St Peter’s Church in Walworth in April this year. Our camera crew comprised two boys from Goose Green Primary School and a media student on work experience – working alongside Chris Haydon of CTVT.

We shot both performances – one on three cameras – and the production is available, fully subtitled, on DVD from Southwark Pensioners Action Group.

Three local primary schools created the libretto and melodies, played in the orchestra and sang: Robert Browning, St John’s and St Peter’s Primary Schools.


SKIPPERING is a film about homelessness made by those that know a great deal about it – the homeless. Local filmmakers have brought the vision to life.

CTVT has supported and worked with former volunteer Stuart MacLennan who has created and directed a film about homelessness.

SKIPPERING was made with a group of homeless men as the actors. Community TV Trust is enormously grateful to all who volunteered their time and talents, and in particular St Mungo’s and its hostel in Great Guildford Street SE1 for their long term commitment to this project.

The result is a half hour film of which all participants, both in front of and behind the camera, can be proud. As soon as information about a screening for this new film is available it will be published on this website.

Alongside Stuart were Jessicah, Joe, Genevieve and Chris who all gave of their time plus enormous amounts of enthusiasm and skill.


Media students, under the guidance of Chris Haydon, CTVT Director, launched a local media website in Hertfordshire along CTVT lines.

hertattack01In September 2008 media students, under the guidance of Chris Haydon, CTVT Director, launched a local media website in Hertfordshire along CTVT lines. The notion of twinning local life with a ready-made unpaid student workforce is an obvious ‘BIg Society’ gambit. No wages to find, but the trick is building the relationships that make this do-able. Here are sample comments from the second year National Diploma students who clearly responded to the idea of using the classroom to produce material that had a role in the real world outside:

– “I would love this production to last” – Tulin, prod mgr

– “I am very happy with the style of the video and its success on YouTube” – Adam, producer

– “It was a good idea to get experience from creating something real in the media world” – Chris/Dez Hunter, reporter

– “I am enjoying this project and would like “Hert-Attack” to be well known and very popular in the near future” – Melissa, research & marketing

“This whole project has been a learning experience for me, I have never been part of something as big as this. I feel proud and privileged to be a part of it” – Lisa, researcher

Hert-Attack used assessable FE college National Diploma course work to build and run a live site that is intended to inform, entertain and link local people. That’s the trick that is ‘beyond the mainstream’. Students have used video well – filming at Leicester Square film premieres, shooting around town centres and across the college. A spoof journalist has been born who has TV potential, look out for Dez Hunter, the world’s Number One reporter.

The URL is:

Take a look.