“LET’S TALK” Knife Crime Discussion Forums

Community TV Trust won funding from The Peckham Settlement to run “LET’S TALK”, a project on knife crime, in early 2019. It combines holding discussion forums for young people to speak at, with production of a documentary film to tour Southwark and south London to stimulate thought and debate. CTVT held its 2019 series of … Continue reading ““LET’S TALK” Knife Crime Discussion Forums”


CTVT raised funds in early 2014 for a filmmaking project at Southwark’s special Cavendish School which works with young people from all over London. Students usually come from very difficult backgrounds and have found formal education problematic. Over the course of ten weeks, a film drama was created of which all were proud. Chris Haydon … Continue reading “CAVENDISH FILMMAKING”