“MOSQUE: The Story of Islam in Southwark” is an educational DVD intended to go into schools and libraries, function as a training tool for council staff and police recruits, receive further local screenings, as well as be offered to the Community Channel. It contains two hours of material on the history of Islam in Southwark, its mosques, its muslim communities, and explores the issues that affect both the Muslims and non-Muslim communities.

The Launch event at Tate Modern was attended by a large gathering of local people of all ethnicities and beliefs. Sections of the DVD were screened and interspersed with discussion. A panel of invited guests – Chief Superintendent Wayne Chance – Southwark Borough Commander, Sadiq Hoque – writer and narrator of the DVD, Zahra Akinpeju – local worshipper and student at Reprezent Youth Radio, took questions from the floor. They were joined initially by Kevin Dykes of Southwark Council, who then gave way to Mr H Yuruten of the Southwark Cyprus Turkish Association.

“London Young Voices”

Young London Voices is designed to encourage young people to demonstrate their creativity and positivity.

London Young Voices is a 3-year scheme running up to August 2012, created by Chris Haydon, director of Community TV Trust. In late July a number of its films produced between January 2009 and May 2010 were screened at the BFI as part of the Flipside Film Festival. The film by St Michael & All Angels Academy was singled out in the review by Lorraine Smith for

‘All of the films had a positive message for and about young people; particularly London Young Voices film Choices which tackles the current debate on knife crime, and proves that the younger generations have a lot of inspiration and creativity to inject into the Arts and Society.’

We are about half way through our project and London Young Voices will continue to produce multimedia demonstration of young people’s innate gifts for self expression, inspiration and the good.

Projects in the second phase began in mid September 2009 in four Southwark schools: Harris Academy at Peckham, Goose Green Primary School, St Michael & All Angels Academy, SILS 4 (pupil referral unit).

Work produced by Goose Green Primary School in the pilot phase of London Young Voices in early 2009 is available on YouTube and can be viewed via Southwark.TV and the Goose Green section of that local website. The Year 6 pupils produced three short films – a game show with an ethical heart, a dance film between rival gangs who overcome their differences, and a skateboard drama confronting bullying.

The full London Young Voices project is under the direction of Chris Haydon and is being co-ordinated by CTVT volunteer Julianna Waithe.

Community TV Trust entered into partnership with the new Peckham art space, Peckham Space, and local artist Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre, for collaboration at Peckham Academy and exhibition in June 2010 as the inaugural show of Peckham Space. This new gallery stands in front of the Peckham Library.

London Young Voices encourages young people’s creativity and positivity. The image of young people in the media is generally negative, yet they face significant challenges and difficulties in daily life, not least in the form of gang culture, youth crime and weapons carrying, job prospects and student debt. A few years ago the Children’s Commissioner noted that in excess of 80% of news stories concerning young people in mainstream media were negative. At least nowadays young people can produce their own media in response to this sad state of affairs.

London Young Voices projects during Autumn 2009/Spring 2010 produced a total of thirteen films, making sixteen in all from 2009 -a great start to this 3-year project. If we include the two additional projects produced with Bede Youth Adventure Project the total rises to eighteen.


CTVT’s second educational DVD venture tackles nutrition and its impact on young people.

CTVT’s second educational DVD tackles nutrition and its impact on young people, co-produced with Start Consulting.

Goose Green Primary School was the participating school; Surrey’s Heathside School took a supporting role, sharing its experience of ‘appreciative inquiry’.

Previously CTVT produced a two-DVD pack on Knife Crime with Southwark Police as the coordinating partner. Our latest educational DVD is on the Personalisation of Mental Health Care for the Department of Health.



CTVT has completed post production on a wonderful primary school project

CTVT has completed post production on a wonderful primary school project creating a one-act opera celebrating the centenary of the state pension. Southwark had a key role in bringing that about. Ten years campaigning by Revd. Herbert Stead of Walworth led to Parliament enacting a Bill which gave old people ‘5 bob a week’ (now 25p !).

But it was a start. CTVT was commissioned to film the performance of PENSIONS FOR ALL ! at St Peter’s Church in Walworth in April this year. Our camera crew comprised two boys from Goose Green Primary School and a media student on work experience – working alongside Chris Haydon of CTVT.

We shot both performances – one on three cameras – and the production is available, fully subtitled, on DVD from Southwark Pensioners Action Group.

Three local primary schools created the libretto and melodies, played in the orchestra and sang: Robert Browning, St John’s and St Peter’s Primary Schools.

SOUTHWARK HOUR Brian Paddick meets Peckham boys

A documentary made by Southwark TV featuring London mayoral candidate Brian Paddick on a visit to meet five excluded young black boys from Peckham.

paddick001A documentary made by Southwark TV featuring London mayoral candidate Brian Paddick on a visit to meet five excluded young black boys from Peckham. In a valuable meeting, Paddick learns much from the young guys.
This programme was first seen on the Community Channel.