film dramas – full-length documentary – factual shorts

Across 2014 and 2015 CTVT worked at Cavendish School delivering filmmaking workshops and producing a one-hour documentary about and for the school. Students contributed original footage, excerpts from their film dramas were included, they gave formal interviews; staff allowed a camera into the classroom; the headteacher took the camera round the school; CCTV cameras captured a serious incident which the Senior Management Team decided to share with the filmmaker. Therefore the documentary “It’s A Cavendish Thing” does tell the story of what is a fantastic school in Bermondsey, south London, working with 11-16 year olds for whom mainstream education has not worked out. Here is the documentary (below it are three film dramas and a series of short films about Bermondsey Square):

“NO VICTORY” [film drama 2014] gangs

“MOCK 123” [film drama 2015] cyber bullying

“THE FEAR” [film drama 2015] spoof horror