Freewheelers Theatre & Media Company

For ten years, CTVT and Chris Haydon have been working with and supporting the Freewheelers Theatre & Media Company based in Leatherhead. It has been a fruitful partnership with films produced, both drama and documentary, and a play staged – on the life of Nelson Mandela.

Work with this company is essentially multimedia and the participants are themselves disabled adults offering a wide range of talents and interests.

From the police drama trailer and an original song about a First World War cavalry officer, designed to honour the centenary of WW1, to documentary:


The first large film drama we produced with Freewheelers was in production for three and a half years! “Shady Oaks – Home, Sweet Home” is a comedy (dur. 82 mins) and tells the story of a care home run by dodgy disabled people:

In the past we also supported Freewheelers with webspace on our local media venture “Southwark.TV”. Now of course they have their own website: