LET’S TALK related videos

CTVT has been producing videos for twenty years, including an educational DVD on knife crime in 2005, two pieces of which we publish here below. First, poetry and an optimistic dance.

The arts are a powerful way of responding to important issues, through dance drama photography fine art and poetry. At a Southwark Council Peace Breakfast one speaker was Yomi Sode, of Peckham, who delivered this poem:

Creative responses to knife crime especially from young people speaking to other young people are important and can be influential. Goose Green Primary School pupils created this dance piece which suggest a way of dealing with rivalry without resorting to violence:

Prisoner M tells his story of an abused childhood and a life without happiness cuddles or love. His path was not a good one. Everyone carried knives …

A poem from a serving prisoner, ‘The Big House’: