Breaking Bonnie

Here is a crime drama, a single 52 minute film, produced with Freewheelers media group via the services of Chris Haydon who has worked as their media tutor since 2006. This complex story of drugs, corruption and redemption was produced in eighteen months. As is the custom, dialogue is improvised after lengthy discussions and planning … Continue reading “Breaking Bonnie”

Bede House at 70 documentary

Newly uploaded is our 2008 film celebrating seven decades of work in Bermondsey for Bede House. Old stories, archive film and photographies, valuable historical testimony from the main players some of whom are no longer with us … The commission came from Nick Dunne who is still Bede’s Director these several years later. He wrote … Continue reading “Bede House at 70 documentary”

Cavendish & Freewheelers/CTVT Projects

Look under CTVT Projects to see what we have been up to with Cavendish School in Bermondsey – we are just completing our latest film project with them, and Freewheelers Theatre & Media Company in Leatherhead. We are now well established with both and enjoying a rich seam of creative work with students and members … Continue reading “Cavendish & Freewheelers/CTVT Projects”

Cavendish Link Continues

Funding has been raised to support more filmmaking at Southwark’s Cavendish School in Bermondsey. We are delighted to continue our work with this wonderful school and its excellent young people. The current project is scheduled to run till the end of January 2017.