Not Just PSB (Public Service Broadcasting) But Also PSM (Public Service Media).

– time to shift the debate I set up Community TV Trust [CTVT] in 1997 (it was incorporated in 1999, registered as a charity 2000) in order to pursue social and community aims and personal empowerment for people on a local basis. My career in broadcasting stood me in good stead as a facilitator and … Continue reading “Not Just PSB (Public Service Broadcasting) But Also PSM (Public Service Media).”

Community Radio and TV Funding

– Parliamentary Debate On Tuesday 24th April 2007 Parliament, via Westminster Hall, debated funding strategy and Parliamentary responsibility for community media. One of the first observations made was that community media builds the individual’s self esteem, as well as encouraging social engagement, political understanding, and the acquisition of basic IT skills. ‘Our Mission’ underlines our … Continue reading “Community Radio and TV Funding”