Plans in 2022

Alongside our 4-year LET’S TALK project, we are in production on a film with Ole Jensen on the Brookwood Cemetery exploring minority burial grounds. This is due for completion in the summer. Previously Jensen produced the film about Millwall FC which Chris Haydon directed.

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We’re also  filming “BELT, BRACES & DISABILITY 3“, a documentary about disability in Britain. This is a sequel to two films made with previous client Freewheelers Theatre & Media Company and features three adults from the films who are now taking stock of the extraordinary world around them. This has led them to meet two Baronesses in the House of Lords and a totally blind man with a fascination for speed. Mike Newman has driven a car on his own at 200mph and runs a charity helping other disabled people develop a taste for speed. It’s true. No word of a lie. Disabled? Then there’s a gentleman with Cerebral Palsy who is married, in full employment, drives, and has started a family. Where’s the disability in that? On the other hand, Troy needs care 24/7 and the world is a different proposition for him.

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BELT, BRACES & DISABILITY 3” will also launch in the summer.

A third documentary, and one that has emerge from the “LET’S TALK”  project, is”CHANGE OF THOUGHT“, telling the story of Southwark Black teenagers creating a positive future with the Police. Screening is aimed for Black History Month 2022.