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“MILLWALL Black & White” is the latest documentary film to come from Community TV Trust. It charts the last fifty years from the perspective of black players and fans, and leads us to rethink the media stigmatising of the club for racism and hooliganism. Not that the club was squeaky clean but that black players shone there and other clubs undoubtedly had there issues too.

Phil Walker and Trevor Lee were two notable players from the mid-Seventies and feature strongly in this film, alongside an array of fans some of whom first started following life at The Den in the 1960s.

The role of mainstream media, especially in the case of Panorama in 1977, comes under the spotlight as former chairman Jeff Burnige recalls a shocking turn of events.

Above that though shines the humour and verve of Millwall fans, black and white, young and old, who follow their club despite its only rare appearances in the top flight. Millwall FC remains a powerful inner city club that plays its part in community life.