Plans in 2024 – Southwark.TV Festival of Film & Video

In 2o24 we are planning

[A] a 5-day event in February, the “Southwark.TV Festival of Film & Local Media” celebrating –

  • 21 years of work across the London Borough of Southwark in local media
  • a large web-based project called “Southwark.TV” launched in Feb 2003


Two key partners are –

  • Doreen Sinclair-McCollin, CEO and Founder of Elevated Minds CIC
  • Michelle Baharier FRSA, formerly of Cooltan Arts and a founding partner in “Southwark.TV”.

Launching the Festival will be a documentary “from Local to Social”, examining the 20-year journey of media making, from pre-YouTube and Facebook to current times dominated by social media and smart phones. It will celebrate the huge archive Community TV Trust created during its time running “Southwark.TV”. Films from young and old with the Chaplinesque “Puddle” from Southwark Pensioners Action Group, genuine young voices such as George rapping his “Future Hear” thoughts, “Alien Abductions” and “Gangs on the Green” from Primary Schools; film drama “Decisions” and “Choices” from Secondary School pupils; arthouse films from local filmmakers. There’s plenty of serious stuff too – on Healthy Eating, Islam in Southwark, Irish Travellers, Knife Crime – talent everywhere.

Council-managed Southwark Archives have recently taken delivery of 45 DV tapes of rushes and edited films from the early years of “Southwark.TV” donated by CTVT and now available down the years Southwark Archives also hold a number of our longer form films and documentaries.

[B] There are proposals to re-launch “Southwark.TV” next year in a new guise though still online. Discussions are under way examining partnership ideas with a company already active in 9 London Boroughs. Opportunities for media-savvy volunteers would be a big part of the package.

More news as we get it …

[C] We also have a commission to produce a film for the campaigning Devon-based Chardstock Eco Group next spring/summer.