Somali Community Media Project

CTVT supports the Somali community in London with consultancy and via Southwark.TV, assisting individuals and small groups with project building.

A Somali pupil is making a film about khat addiction and preparing campaigning literature. Two areas of Somalia, Puntland and Somaliland, have devoted former citizens seeking to raise funds and make a difference.

Community TV Trust helps these campaigners where it can. SOUTHWARK HOUR devoted an edition to local Somalis and their experience of life here in the UK. Community Channel created repeats for this programme around the time of the 2005 G8, in particular due to the increased focus on Africa in the media.

Links have been forged with a lively group of young Somalis at Lilian Baylis Technology School in Vauxhall, and the school in turn became a member of Southwark.TV website project for a few years.

We aim to support SOCFIA, a Lambeth advice & information organisation, to deliver a media project for local young Somali people.