The films on the DVD can now be seen on YouTube channel MosquesinSouthwark: as well as on this site in the Mosques In Southwark – Videos section – Videos

Community TV Trust produced a 2-hour DVD about the mosques in Southwark. This image is taken inside one and shows a worshipper preparing for prayers
Community TV Trust produced a 2-hour DVD about the mosques in Southwark. This image is taken inside one and shows a worshipper preparing for prayers

A number of emailed comments have been received by the production team:

This comment was for the executive producer Emma Kehoe who is based at Southwark Council – “the Mosque documentary launch was outstanding, the attendance was very good, so many people.  I enjoyed the panel, especially the young girl from the radio station (eclectic productions/reprezent); her responses to some of the difficult questions were very mature and detailed. The evening was a great success and without your vision this would not have happened.”

This doctoral student said – “The fact that it has been split into sections that can be watched separately allows it to fit different approaches and purposes. I also liked the way the DVD intertwines different voices and points of view: the youth, the police, the mosques and imams, etc. Likewise, I found really interesting the historical account of the development of the Muslim communities in London and in Southwark, in particular.”

From an Australian academic to CTVT’s Chris Haydon – “Hossein and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the product of your amazing work in Southwark. I hope more people get to see it to help dispel stereotypes and fears.”

From Southwark PCT – “its greatest strength is the way it captures the great diversity of the Muslim community in Southwark.”

Here are quick comments left for us by Muslims and non-Muslims after the Tate Modern launch of our latest educational DVD:

Very interesting … Excellent & thought provoking

Such an illuminating experience tonight

The future looks brighter

Really informative and insightful, lots of potential

I’m a non-muslim but have always held interest – I feel I understand the religion and their practices a lot more – thanks !

Interesting, informative & challenging (you found some excellent spokespersons for real Islam), we need to hear more

This idea of a DVD film to help explain Islam & Muslims is a good start / continuation ?

Great, really informative

Well presented, glad I came. Wish more debate.

A triumph ! Brilliantly produced and very informative, a great job.

Some fantastic work to educate the community and bring the local people to understand the large muslim population

Excellent, to everyone, MashaAllah

A second film on the ‘Church’ – to look at the similar range of news/issues/situations in Christianity

Very thoughtful

Excellent !

Excellent resource for discussion and awareness

Brilliant !

Absolutely excellent & great filming, hope it will help

Great DVD, really helpful

I’m glad I came. I live 10 minutes from the mosque in Woking yet I know nothing of it. Now there’s a challenge. Well done !

For anyone wanting a copy of this DVD, which contains two hours of video stories and features, please contact us. A suggested donation of £5 will help cover costs of duplication and postage&packing.