CTVT International Projects

Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem

Chris Haydon shot his own film about the people of Bethlehem, entitled “Oh Little Town” featuring an office worker, a group of refugee young people and a pioneering journalist who ran local satellite channel, Bethlehem TV.

“Oh Little Town” was shown daily on the Community Channel across Christmas week in 2004.

Images by Chris Haydon came as part of a personal project that also lead to a partner organisation from Bethlehem being offered a space on Southwark.TV at a time when locally in Southwark the project was growing at an intense rate and an overseas element in the mix but from outside the Borough and the UK appeared desirable, almost as a reminder that despite everything there is a world outside both.


2 x images taken from the SOUTHWARK HOUR series; a promotional image from/about Elefest, local film festival; rooftops of Kathmandu where Southwark.TV has a young friend currently filing stories (look on Southwark.TV/NEPAL for the girl’s image); ‘hastings’ is an image by a member of the local mental health community whom we have supported with media training and the Festival of Film & Photography in 2006.