The “Peckham Podcast” and Southwark.TV Festival 2024

The “PECKHAM PODCAST” is coming soon … 1-2-1 conversations at length with local players. We launch with Dave Walker MBE of Calm Mediation, a man with vision, drive and determination. There’s much talk of youth violence and Dave wants peer mediation to run in secondary schools and he knows it works. Following Dave, there’s a real surprise package – a new Vicar for Peckham whose journey to being ordained is unconventional. Colombia, drugs, prison, two degrees, a Masters … and it’s not fiction. Then we’ve George Osei-Oppong Jnr who wants to bring Financial Education into schools … “PECKHAM PODCAST” Keynote: big ideas, local traction.

But first, here’s our latest film …

Launching our Southwark.TV Festival  of 13 events in 5 days, Peckhamplex cinema in Peckham screened “from Local to Social“. This new documentary celebrates twenty years of working with communities in Southwark. People of all ages took part in or made videos and films.

We thank all those partner groups and schools who chose to work with us and also the recent interviewees who helped give this film a current edge.

“What If?”

This short film, a co-production with Elevated Minds CIC, explores Stop & Search and the perennial request for respect.

Can relationships with the Met Police improve? Beautifully written and narrated by Alessandro Quao, it premiered in Brixton at the Family Summit, an event staged by Elevated Minds in October 2023.

“CHANGE OF THOUGHT”  [cert 12A, 73 mins, 2022]

There’s 3 paths: dead – jail – or a bounty on your head.”

Also working with Elevated Minds CIC, this film features three Southwark boys facing permanent exclusion who not only turned their lives around, they created and delivered training sessions to London’s Met Police recruits.

Here is a trailer. Alternatively watch the film:

Feedback: “It’s a very important film” …“shows what can be changed with the right intervention at the right time” …”Javell made it – there is hope in your film ! :)” … “I did wonder if black kids could do some training exercises for teachers as well as for the police” … “a  well told story!” … “I was encouraged and troubled by all of this” …

This film is the final output of LET’S TALK, CTVT’s 4-year project looking for breakthrough initiatives to confront knife crime and youth violence. We ran Forums in schools and youth clubs from 2019, produced discussion videos during lockdown, and in September 2022 launched “CHANGE OF THOUGHT” at Peckham & Nunhead Free Film Festival.

Voices in the documentary:
Doreen Sinclair-McCollin, CEO of Elevated Minds which aims to create     sustainable change between Black communities and the Police
Javell, Reuben, Emmanuel
Javell’s mother Erveline
Emmanuel’s mother Adama
young people from local schools
barrister Stephen Akinsanya
playground manager Stephney Bent
Sherifa Carr, Passion For Change
Sayce Holmes-Lewis, Mentivity.

See also LET’S TALK Video Report 2020.

Community TV Trust [CTVT] offers media training & filmmaking in schools and PRUs and in workshops for the disabled and marginalised. Engaging young people in open-ended creative work, links Community to Education.


CTVT’s second educational DVD venture tackles nutrition and its impact on young people.

CTVT’s second educational DVD tackles nutrition and its impact on young people, co-produced with Start Consulting.

Goose Green Primary School was the participating school; Surrey’s Heathside School took a supporting role, sharing its experience of ‘appreciative inquiry’.

Previously CTVT produced a two-DVD pack on Knife Crime with Southwark Police as the coordinating partner. Our latest educational DVD is on the Personalisation of Mental Health Care for the Department of Health.