Technology Redefines Media

Technology has Redefined how we broadcast, technology has also redefined who broadcasts what to whom and when.

You can shoot on miniDV tape using a digital camera of modest cost and find someone who will broadcast it for you. It no longer makes sense to continue the debate about PSB without altering the parameters.

Ergo, PSB if rechristened PSM is no longer the preserve of one-way broadcasters but is seen in new and broader contexts as belonging to us all. We may not all shoot HD but who cares if you have something to say ?

That is where it starts. Media training makes no sense if you do not ‘wire up the individual’ in a holistic manner. Get the head talking to the heart. It’ll flow from there.

Author: Chris Haydon

Chris Haydon is an award-winning broadcast professional and director/managing Trustee of Community TV Trust. When not engaged with the Trust's activities and project development, Chris produces and directs videos and programming for tx, web and corporate markets.

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