“MOSQUE: The Story of Islam in Southwark” is an educational DVD intended to go into schools and libraries, function as a training tool for council staff and police recruits, receive further local screenings, as well as be offered to the Community Channel. It contains two hours of material on the history of Islam in Southwark, its mosques, its muslim communities, and explores the issues that affect both the Muslims and non-Muslim communities.

The Launch event at Tate Modern was attended by a large gathering of local people of all ethnicities and beliefs. Sections of the DVD were screened and interspersed with discussion. A panel of invited guests – Chief Superintendent Wayne Chance – Southwark Borough Commander, Sadiq Hoque – writer and narrator of the DVD, Zahra Akinpeju – local worshipper and student at Reprezent Youth Radio, took questions from the floor. They were joined initially by Kevin Dykes of Southwark Council, who then gave way to Mr H Yuruten of the Southwark Cyprus Turkish Association.

Author: Chris Haydon

Chris Haydon is an award-winning broadcast professional and director/managing Trustee of Community TV Trust. When not engaged with the Trust's activities and project development, Chris produces and directs videos and programming for tx, web and corporate markets.