New Work / 2017 & Beyond


CTVT  has been reflecting on our future activities: over the years we have engaged with mental health service users, special needs education for 11-16 year olds, and the adult disability sector with which we busily continue. Ex-offenders too have come our way for both documentary and drama work, all of which was very rewarding. We have explored international dimensions too.

CTVT’s documentary work producing formal fifty minute and half hour films includes productions for Bede House, for the Shame/Violence Intervention practice with ex-offenders, for Freewheelers Theatre Company members whom we have supported, as well as at Cavendish School where we have made formal documentary alongside students’ film drama projects – all of which encourages us as we move forward.

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Local broadcast TV is now relatively established and across the UK assumes vastly different character and personality. Here at Community TV Trust we had high hopes for the London channel (Freeview channel 8) but they have focused on ‘entertainment’ rather than tapping down into true local voices raising true local issues, whether celebratory or other.

Author: Chris Haydon

Chris Haydon is an award-winning broadcast professional and director/managing Trustee of Community TV Trust. When not engaged with the Trust's activities and project development, Chris produces and directs videos and programming for tx, web and corporate markets.