BBD3 film

“Belt, Braces & Disability 3”

This film, produced by Troy, Rachel and Daniel, was two years in the making, partly due to the pandemic. It features three remarkable people each of whom has shown that disability can be an inspiring sphere of human life just as it can be difficult, bullied and disadvantaged. Lisa says,

“It’s shocking the standards that disabled people have to put up with and in this day and age, but to be honest it wasn’t that surprising to me, as someone who cares for a person with a disability. I loved the film’s life affirming message.”

One participant, Ralph, said: “it’s a shame we have to fight so hard to get our voices heard.”

It is the third in an occasional series of films which dates back to 2010 and then 2017, when the first two largely autobiographical films were produced. All three films in the series were directed by Chris Haydon.

The film features former Paralympian Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson and Baroness Jane Campbell, a legendary campaigner for disability rights. Both sit in the House of Lords on the Cross Benches.
Joining them is Mike Newman who was born blind, became a bank manager, and now runs a charity for disabled people to try their hand at driving a racing car on a racetrack. For good measure he set world land and water speed records in excess of 200mph and 100mph respectively.
Three outstanding people and role models to us all.
It launched on Facebook on World Disability Day Saturday 3 December and was followed by a Q+A featuring Baroness Campbell:

BROOKWOOD: The Living and The Dead

CTVT’s documentary, produced with Ole Jensen who brought the recent Millwall FC film project, explores the world of minority burial grounds and Victorian foundations of today’s multicultural Britain.

There are powerful stories in this film of migration, sometimes over centuries, of refugees fleeing war, of economic migrants who find they have put down roots and stay, of community, of respect and love.


In the second half of 2021 we produced a film about a sculpture project created in Epsom, Surrey. It was to commemorate the suffragette famous for having died under the hooves of the King’s horse in the 1913 Epsom Derby. This was not the full story of a brave and committed campaigner who played a role in changing British society. The sculptor is Christine Charlesworth. Her work now sits in Epsom Town Centre and is greatly enjoyed.


Plans in 2022

Alongside our 4-year LET’S TALK project, we are in production on a film with Ole Jensen on the Brookwood Cemetery exploring minority burial grounds. This is due for completion in the summer. Previously Jensen produced the film about Millwall FC which Chris Haydon directed.

Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 11.42.11

We’re also  filming “BELT, BRACES & DISABILITY 3“, a documentary about disability in Britain. This is a sequel to two films made with previous client Freewheelers Theatre & Media Company and features three adults from the films who are now taking stock of the extraordinary world around them. This has led them to meet two Baronesses in the House of Lords and a totally blind man with a fascination for speed. Mike Newman has driven a car on his own at 200mph and runs a charity helping other disabled people develop a taste for speed. It’s true. No word of a lie. Disabled? Then there’s a gentleman with Cerebral Palsy who is married, in full employment, drives, and has started a family. Where’s the disability in that? On the other hand, Troy needs care 24/7 and the world is a different proposition for him.

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BELT, BRACES & DISABILITY 3” will also launch in the summer.

A third documentary, and one that has emerge from the “LET’S TALK”  project, is”CHANGE OF THOUGHT“, telling the story of Southwark Black teenagers creating a positive future with the Police. Screening is aimed for Black History Month 2022.

LET’S TALK filmed a Musical and a Drama

LET’S TALK filmed is scenes from a musical written, composed and performed by students at Harris Academy Peckham. The script came from real life and the murder of a former pupil in south London when he tried to intervene in a fight.

This formed part of the film screening in autumn 2019 of schools and youth clubs in Southwark.

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 11.05.49

Filming also took place of “One Road, Two Paths“, a powerful drama by local company Movement Factory, a Peckham-based dance group for 11-19 year olds. Five dancers from the company attended the final LET’S TALK Forum at HAP and performed extracts from their production.